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Before/After Photos

I wasn't going to put any before and after pictures up, but I would really like to share with you the impressive results that we have experience by use of our products.


4 1/2 year old girl with iron burn.
Mom took her to Urgent Care and
Dr. prescribed Sivadene Cream.
(a thick paste prescribed for 2nd
degree burns)


Mom decided to use Cellular Serum instead of Silvadene Cream Paste presecribed by the doctor.  Cellular Serum is an anti-inflamatory and contains the essential antioxidants, proteins and enzymes that our body produces naturally and uses when injury occurs.  It is essential in wound healing.  This photo was taken 7 days post burn.  Cellular Serum was applied approximately 3 times/day.  No crusting, peeling, scabbing, or scarring occured.  Child and mom were extremely happy!

Using Clean Freak, Cellular Serum, B'bye - Presents w/ grade 4 acne/ inflammation

Using only products and Clarifying Peel.

Mostly clear w/ a little residual redness. No make-up. This pic was taken right after a peel.

21 y/o female patient presented with grade 4 acne; pustules, papules blackheads and severe inflammation. We recommended that pt change her current benoyl peroxide products purchased on tv and begin using Clean Freak, Cellular Serum and B'Bye Anti-Blemish serum twice a day.  We also recommended that pt discontinue using mac make-up, do a simple colon detox and to change her pillow case each night.  We recommended a series of 6 - 8 Clarifying Peels treatments, 1 - 2 wks apart.  Pt has had 6 Clarifying Peels when these pictures were taken last week.  As you can see in the BEFORE pictures there is a lot of inflammation and several painful cystic acne lesions.  The AFTER picture shows minimal inflammation and no cystic acne lesions, pustules or papules.  The redness that is present is Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation which is common when the acne lesions are clearing.  The discoloration will minimize in a few weeks and soon this happy patient will be wearing nothing but Mineral-D-Light as a lightly tinted cover-up.  We are commited to creating happy, beautiful, healthy faces and will continue with this patients' therapy of at most 2 more treatments. Patient is seen weekly for evaluation before we perform any type of treatments and only do so if appropriate.  It is extremely important to understand that this patients' therapy did not include prescription drugs of any kind.  Her results were achieved holistically using, herbs, botanicals and Pure Skin Junkie's natural products consistently.

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