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Sandra Bernhard

Sandra Bernhard

Super Diva Says.....

"clean. exhilarating. pure. gorgeous. Cristina's products are simply amazing. They leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing. With no harmful chemicals and ingredients direct from nature you'll be enhancing your skin's beauty and health. I love the youth serum and eye wonder. They are genius!"


Singer/Songwriter & Fitness Model

Kelin Covington

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio Victoria's Secret Model and Mom-to-be

Then, Mom-to-be, Alessandra, is telling PSJ President, Cristina Corral, how excited she is to start using Dirty Girl Gentle Cleanser, Cellular Serum, Youth Serum, B'Bye Blemish and Happy Hour Antioxidant Cocktail mask because not only are they free from toxic chemicals, they are safe for pregnant women!  Congrats, Alessandra!

Cristina w/ Rick Fox @ 944 NBA All-Star event!

Laker's Trevor Ariza and Me backstage @ 944 Magazine's NBA All-Star Event

Hey Big Psych!!

Teen Actor/Model Samantha Jade