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About Us

How We Came to Be...


Hi there! 

I'm Cristina Corral.  I am proud to be the first Latina in Los Angeles County to research and formulate a professional Medical Skin Care Line.  As a licensed esthetician for the state of California,  I have spent over 20 years in the "beauty" industry and have worked in every capacity from being a manicurist to the stars, cutting hair, working with famous plastic surgeons from Dr. 90210 and skin care sales, to research & development. 

During the late 80's and early 90's I engaged with a long list of A-lister's when I worked for Jose Eber and Vidal Sassoon, such as, Bo Derek (first client ever!), Model Jennifer Mckay, Iron Mike Tyson, Elizabeth Taylor, Tova Borgnine (Ernest Borgnine's wife), Lucille Ball, Hunter Tylo (General Hospital), Nick Cage, Michael Damian (Soap Star), Debbie Allen (Fame) and Michael DeLorenzo from the hit '80s show; “Head of the Class”. There are several others...too many to remember, I was so young and not star struck at all. 

I also had the privilege of treating Kitty Dukakis, wife of Presidential candidate, Michael Dukakis's. Nothing is as intense as being interviewed by the Secret Service!

Eventually I began working with a large skin care company located in Northern California starting as a sales rep and eventually becoming the VP of Sales and Education. That position afforded me the opportunity to learn, hands-on, how to develop skin care products.  Sadly, many of the “then used” ingredients are still on the market today and are being offered as great "solutions" to skin care conditions even though studies indicate they can compromise the skin’s health and functionality. 

Even more disturbing, my then 4 ½ year old daughter started to develop breast tissue.  Her doctor explained to me that she either had gynecomastia or she just might be a bit precocious. Dissatisfied with his explanation, I delved further into other explanations that would lend reason to why she could be developing breasts at such a tender age. I began reading about premature hormone development stemming from steroids, antibiotics and other toxic chemicals that are given to cattle, pigs and chicken, used solely for the purpose of producing larger animals, thus generating more meat that could be sold. Disgusted with what I had learned, I decided to buy only organic milk, eggs, chicken, etc.  I have another daughter and I didn’t want her to have the same premature development as her sister.  As I researched even further, I found out that most name brand “baby” products contained ingredients that were extremely harmful to our bodies as well, i.e. propylene glycol or sodium lauryl sulfate (has been found in breast tumors).  Some of these ingredients are industrial degreasers like tire solvents such as propylene glycol; the main ingredient in anti-freeze and BABY WIPES.  Yikes!

The thought of putting those ingredients on my children was horrific enough so  I started to develop a baby skin care line, which ultimately led me to develop Pure Skin Solutions brand of skin care products.

My mission became to "tell the world" not to use skin care products made with toxic ingredients and to make environmentally conscience choices when choosing skin care products.  Because, my thoughts were very forward thinking, I felt the best way to spread the word was not to do it through a second party but to start my own skin care line and to control what actually went into my skin care products.  

I gathered my research and information and consulted with several labs.  Luckily, I was able to work with a lab that also had several years experience with the very same technology that I was interested in; Chiral separation for Chirally-Correct ingredients.  Most skin care companies that use the chirally-correct philosophy use the same labs which makes base products for everyone yet allows their customer to tweak the product by adding an ingredient or so to an already existing base product. End result. All of the products seem similar if not the same.   I did not want to follow suit so I decided to find a local lab that would make products for me based on my interests not theirs.

I am so fortunate to be able to share with you this incredible skin care line.  Not only do I believe in every single ingredient, I do so with so much confidence that I allow my own children to use them.  Providing more understanding to these amazing ingredients are dozens of research papers to support their efficacy.  I have tried and tested these awesome products on myself, and my family first.  If and only if, I am satisfied with the results, then I continue the manufacturing process.

As I believe that the path to ‘perfect’ products is never over, I will always look for the best solutions in the manufacturing process.  Sometimes, I may find a more bio-compatible ingredient and I may select to supplement the product formulation with it.  Therefore, product "tweaking" is always something that I will welcome.  There will always be new technology and cutting edge ingredients and I will always consider product modification (up-grading) to bring you the best products.

These days, everyone seems to be going Green. Therefore, we are proud to be an environmentally conscientious skin care company.  If you send back your glass containers, we will recycle them for you and give you a discount on your next order.  We want to make a difference in the world we live in and encourage you to do the same.

Feel free to contact me, at any time, with questions about the ingredients or products. We welcome all suggestions.

Thanks for your interest in our product line.






Posted by Vidal Sassoon on Facebook 3/8/13

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