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Knowledge is Wealth.


You cannot put a price on education... What you learn, you'll carry with you for the rest of your life.  We have years of experience that we'd like to share with you and we are excited to offer this information to the skin care professional.

Mostly, we offer private training in your facility! Please inquire about pricing for the DermaPlaning or Microdermabrasion Combo class in your private setting!  
We also have a private training studio in Los Angeles, CA where we do Dermaplaning and Combo peeling Training, IPL, Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion, Skin Analysis, Ingredient Knowledge, Skin Care Formulation for So Cal residents as well as out of town guests. Come to our office to see our  brand of skin care products and Laser/IPL and Microdermabrasion Equipment.  We offer complete training when your purchase one of our machines.
The following classes are scheduled for:
June 29 @ 10am and  July 6 & 20 @ 10am
DermaPlaning and Peel Stacking
 in this class you will learn how to properly hold the tool to the clients face, and how to use the proper pattern.  Most people do not follow a pattern and many people do 'botched' dermaplaning procedured.  You will be ensured not to ever do a 'botched' procedured on anyone if you follow the guidelines that will be taught during this training.  You will also learn how to Peel Stack with chemical peels and/or microdermabrasion at the SAME TIME as you are dermaplaning!!!!  Yes this can be done if appropriate and we will learn how to do this!  Proper skin analysis is a MUST in all skin care especially with peel stacking so we will definitely cover this as well!  This procedure is the CRAZE right now.  Learn how to do it the proper way!  Check with your State to see if you are allowed to perform it.  Even if you are not and still want to learn the correct technique, please make sure to take this class!  You will receive the BEST hands on training and leave with a wealth of knowledge!  Learn this Safe, Effective, Non-Traumatic exfoliation treatment!
Class seatling is limited to 4 so that you can have great hands on training!
Class Fee: $1000 $500 of post procedure product & Peel along with your tools are included. FULL DAY not HALF DAY

To Be Scheduled Soon  8am - 4:30pm  IPL -

Collagen Stimulation, Hyperpigmentation Reduction, Acne Reduction, Hair Reduction

Learn how to safely use this non-invasive machine the proper way to achieve collagen stimulation, reduce hyperpigmentation, acne and unwanted hair of the underarms, legs, chin, lip, bikini, back, etc. 

Class Fee $750  Lunch provided 

Discount of $125 if you sign up 15 days in Advance

*Private instruction fees vary from State to State but can be facilitated.   


DermaPlaning & Peel Stacking Course 

You can use this PayPal button even if you do not have a PayPal account! 


You Can Use This PayPal Button Even If You Don't Have A PayPal Account!  

Advanced Chemical Peeling
Tattoo Removal
Combo Peeling
Peel Layering
Advanced Microdermabrasion Techniques
Thorough Skin Analysis
Epidermal Planing (dermaplane)


Are you ready to take your exfoliation treatments to the next level?  Dermaplaning Techniques Instructional DVD is here!
This Dermaplaning Instructional Training DVD is for Professional Estheticians, RN's and Physicians ONLY.  We will require proof of licensure when purchasing this DVD. The DVD includes the following; Blades, Blade Handle, Blade Extractor, 2 peels, 1 Blending Mask and 1 Cellular Serum.  Please email or call us for pricing  562-908-7546 
contact us for equipment sales, Microderm, IPL, esthetic equipment. 
Currently, this DVD is unavailable.  Please call for private training! 

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