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Our Philosophy

What Makes Pure Skin Solutions Different than Other Companies?


Pure Skin Junkie/PureSkin Solutions Rx has a different focus than most skin care companies. We believe in creating a partnership with the skin.  Traditional skin care regimens often either have little activity for the condition they are treating, or like most products, they utilize traumatizing ingredients that have some benefit but that comes at the cost of damaging the health of the skin.


Pure Skin Junkie/PureSkin Solutions Rx is based on the strategy that PURE, natural, especially chirally correct, ingredients are more effective and produce virtually no side effects.  Pure Skin Solutions believes that the most effective protocols for all skin conditions are done through a pure and natural but active approach. The more pure and natural the skin care line, the less inflammation is caused by its ingredients.  Inflammation is the core of every skin condition which means a skincare regimen with irritating (usually artificial) ingredients will produce diminished results.


Beyond creating inflammation, many artificial ingredients can damage the helpful ingredients by being in the same formula thereby rendering the products “ineffective inflammation solutions”.  Imagine a delicate plant floating in formaldehyde....Can you gather what happens when products are made with artificial preservatives like “parabens”?


Pure, Natural and Chirally Correct ingredients are not the whole story.  For starters, the skin care industry is plagued with profiteering which simply means that their business model is often to make a $0.25 product and sell if for $25 +. This usually is the case in department stores, but surprisingly, this is also the case in many professional skin care lines. 

At Pure Skin Junkie/PureSkin Solutions Rx, we have revolutionized the relationship with our lab by partnering in the manufacturing process.  This allows us to make the highest quality of products utilizing the highest percentages of active naturals all for a reasonable price. 

Another important component of our company is that we use ingredients that work with the skin’s healing, antioxidant, and remodeling process.  This means we have chosen the most active antioxidants, based on what the skin uses to heal itself.   We have chosen the most powerful ingredients that the skin makes naturally to effect the most change possible without interfering with the most impressive model for repair ( your skin’s natural remodeling process).


In our opinion, no skin care regimen is as effective as treating both sides of the skin that is why we recommend that you supplement your diet with nutrient rich nutraceuticals.  Way beyond “you are what you eat” taking some type of nutraceuticals addresses the primary components of poor skin health; internal toxicity, buildup from diet, stress and mineral deficiency.   (we only recommend an excellent organic liquid vitamin/mineral/green supplement)


The last big hurdle is getting the ingredients to penetrate into the skin without compromising the integrity of the skin.  There are lots of great ingredients that do absolutely nothing for your skin because they never make it past the epidermis.  To overcome the skin’s natural tendency to prevent penetration, PureSkin Solutions Rx has coated all of its active ingredients in nano-sized liposomes.  This increases the penetration and activity of these wonderful pure, natural active ingredients substantially while moisturizing and protecting the skin and is one more reason Pure Skin Junkie/PureSkin Solutions Rx is superior to every other skin care line on the market!

We also believe that the skin can be treated safely and effectively with other exfoliating modalities.  Which methods of exfoliation do we recommend?

Derma Planing or Blading

A Unique Approach to Effective Skin Care.