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Pure Skin Solutions, Pure Skin Junkie

Here's what people are saying....


I just wanted to write to say thank you.  I'm a 23 year old female that, for some
odd reason, just started getting the worst acne of my life.  All through puberty and
high school, I rarely wore make up and my skin was always clear.  Then about one
year ago, I started breaking out - and then it just got worse and worse.  My
Clinique 3-step system that had worked for me for year just wasn't cutting it
anymore.  I tried pro-activ.  I want to say that it maybe helped in the first 2
weeks, but it just got bad again.  Even worse maybe.  And painful...oh, so painful.
My doctor suggesteed retin-a micro, but after reading reviews, I was too scared to
try it.  It sounded awful.  Then a friend suggested your products.  I started with
B'Bye.  I did see improvement.  I followed the progress of your 21 yo female patient
on your before and after photos.  The next purchase I made was the B'bye, Clean
Freak face wash, and Cellular Serum.  My acne is gone. GONE!  I still have the
occasional zit (my skin does that).  I am so thankful for finding out about your
products.  I never knew how life-altering acne can be.  I thought at any moment my
boyfriend was going to break-up with me because of my acne (I didn't have it when we
first started dating).  Now I'm confident about my skin again.  Thanks so much for
everything y'all do.  You've secured a life-long customer.  One last thing - acne is
no longer a problem, my skin is great, but what can I use that will help heal the
long-term scars I've gotten FROM the acne?

G.E., Austin, TX

"FYI...Dirty girl is the best cleanser I have ever used in my life!!!!!!!"

michelle in Chicago:-)

"I've used other popular skin care products and nothing compares to your Retinaldehyde...It's by far, the most effective"!
P.F., Esthetician
Huntington Beach, CA

"....this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me...she has single handedly changed my skin!...make sure she never runs out of this miracle elixir."  of B'Bye Anti-Blemish Serum
J.J., Esthetician
Santa Barbara, CA

"I can't live without my D-puff!  It is one of the only products that does what it says it's going to do...Great fix for tired, dull eyes"!
L.B., Estheitian/Herbologist
Ashville, NC

"The products made a visible improvement in my skin after 2 weeks.  My skin
heals much faster, I rarely break out and if I do the Lighten Up! (Fade Away -PureSkinRx) serum gets rid of any signs of scarring.  Combining this with the Cellular (Nourishing -PureSkinRx) serum helped with the hydration in my skin. 
I receive compliments on my skin
since I have been using Pure Skin Junkie."
Y.Z., Esthetician
Frisco, CO

I started using Pure Skin products when I was pregnant; my skin was dull, dehydrated and hyperpigmented.  I had assumed that there was nothing SAFE and EFFECTIVE that I could use and I would have to wait until after my baby was born to use anything that would give me RESULTS.  Within 2 week of using the Cellular Serum, PureSkin Junkie Rx and the Youth Serum, PureSkin Junkie Rx, my skin was smooth and hydrated (without heavy creams?)  After a month I could see the hyperpigmentation disappearing.  These products are amazing!

D.N., Esthetician
Los Angeles, CA

"Cristina, I have been using the Lighten Up for 3 days now and I swear, I see results!  If this product continues to do what it says it does, then you are a genious"!
V.G., Esthetician
Glendale, CA

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