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Buh'bye Anti-Blemish Serum

Stop wasting your money on benzyl peroxide products that work when you first use them, but the second you stop the acne comes back with a vengance!  Why?  BPO kills ALL bacteria.  You might think this is good, right?  Wrong!  Our bodies need healthy flora (bacteria) to keep the body in a generally healthy state.  If you kill all of the bacteria like BPO does, then unfortunately there will be nothing to fight disease and toxins such as acne. 

This super acne serum contains Retinaldehyde (500x stronger than retinol, just as effective if not more than Retin A without the side effects)!, PhosphatidylCholine(reduces acne and oil production by up to 70%), Niacinamide, Corriander, Holy Basil, Thyme, Chaparral, AcetylSalicylic Acid, Pregnenolone, Chamomile, Mimosa: anitbacterial/sebum reducers.  Smells like an Italian kitchen and performs like an Italian sports car! 

Item #BB00-1

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