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 Skin Specific Kit Packages  

Acne Kit - (Dirty Girl Cleanser)

This kit is perfect for acne/oily prone skin types.  Included in this kit is Dirty Girl Cleanser for more of a foamy cleansing experience.  Cellular Serum is a must especially when you are dealing with acne. Clear Skin Mask is included as a spot treatment or full face mask.  It will not over dry your skin!  Of course, our star performer: B'Bye Anti-Blemish Serum is at the top of this leaderboard as the best acne preventing serum and dermal remodeler on the market today!!!

Acne Kit
Dirty Girl Cleanser
Cellular Serum
B'Bye Anti-Blemish Serum 1/2 oz size
Clear Skin Mask
save $67.77
$255.90  if purchased individually
Item #AKDG

Price $188.13 

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BOOM Skin Lightening System Kit
BOOM in a very short time your skin lightening issues will be a thing of the past!  This kit includes the BOOM Skin Lightening System made with natural ingredients as well as HQ.  There are over 15 lightening agents in this lightener to address all angels of hyperpigmentation (brown spots) which stem from hormones, sun exposure, inflammation and injury.

This kit includes the following:

Gentle Zeolite Cleanser $34
Cellular Serum Antioxidant Skin Food $90
BOOM Skin Lightening 8 Week System $185

Buying separately will cost $309, however, this kit saves you $62.00.

*You Must Send In A Picture of Your Face BEFORE We Ship BOOM Lightening System Kit.

Item #BmKit

Price: $309.00  Sale price $247.00

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Hyperpigmentation Kit (brown spots)
This kit was designed for the most stubborn hyperpigmentation!  Included in this kit is the Clean Freak Mint AHA Cleanser for an excellent exfoliating cleanse.

Next, Cellular Serum is a MUST because it addresses the inflammation associated with hyperpigmentation.  When your skin is inflammed, your basal cells are stimulated too much which unfortunately contributes to the excess pigmentation you are seeing!  Cellular Serum Antioxidant Skin Food puts back the vital antioxidants, enzymes and proteins that our body uses when it is attacked by stress (inflammation).

Super Diva Vitamin C Powder is added the kit to boost the lightening effects.  It is in a perfect liposome powder form so it will instantly be absorbed into the skin!

Lighten Up has the highest percentage of Retinaldehyde that can be safely used for topical application.  It does not contain toxic Hydroquinone which is banned in many countries yet it is as effective as a 5.5% HQ topical application.  Bearberry and Paper Mulberry boost head the lightening agents as well as Retinaldehyde which also acts as a dermal remodeler!  Resurfacing and Lightening in ONE product!  No need to have multiple bottles of lightening and anti-aging products!

Hyperpigmentation Kit
Clean Freak Cleanser
Cellular Serum
Lighten Up!
Super Diva Vitamin C Powder

save $87.57
$291.90 if purchased individually
Item #HYPK

Price $204.33 

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Photodamage/Aging Skin
This kit was designed for the treatment and prevention of aging and sun damaged skin types! 

Dirty Girl Cleanser is included for extra foamy cleansing!

Retinaldehyde is the best dermal remodeler for the skin without the harsh side effects associated with traditional retinols.  Youth Serum has the safest percentage of retinaldehyde available for topical application.
Aging and photodamaged skin is plagued with free radical damage.  Cellular Serum is the best choice for addressing inflammation associated with this particular skin type.  Cellular Serum replenishes our own body's reserves of important antioxidants, enzymes and proteins!  It is a MUST for the skin!

Eye Wonder is a wonderful eye treatment which also contains retinaldehyde.  Botanical Liquid Crystals are used to mimic our body's jelly-like substance that surrounds our cells.  It also provides extra moisturization to the delicate eye area!

Photodamage/Aging Skin Kit
Dirty Girl Gentle Cleanser
Cellular Serum Antioxidant Skin Food
Youth Serum with Retinaldehyde
Eye Wonder with Retinaldehyde

save  $98.97
$329.90 if purchased individually.
Item #PHAK

Price $230.93 

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