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Pure Skin Junkie: adj.  meaning:  someone who will only use the purest, most natural form of skin care products on their skin.  Nothing else can touch their skin!  They will always look for the latest product that will nourish their skin, keep it young looking yet do so in a natural, non-traumatic manner.  It's not a routine that they try to follow.....They do it always and with conviction, each and every time! 
If this sounds like you, You're a true skin care junkie at heart...

Pure Skin Solutions was created by a team of doctors, organic chemists, and estheticians all of whom have a holistic approach when treating the skin.  We've created this natural skin care line because we've realized the overwhelming need to modify how most skin care products are made. (with fillers, synthetic fragrances/colors, parabens and toxic chemicals)!  Traditional (inexpensive and sometimes expensive) cosmetic formulas use several different ingredients to "make up" 100% of a skin care product.  Unfortunately, many companies do not bother to research these "filler" ingredients which are known skin irritants or more simply, don't work. 

It is our belief and practice that all skin conditions (acne, melanocytic proliferation or hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, pre-mature aging) are caused by inflammation.  Irritation causes inflammation.  Inflammation causes free-radical damage, and the free-radical damage of the cells causes several other conditions of the skin which we see on a daily basis.  So we've taken the formulation process a few steps further than most skin care companies. We carefully select ingredients that will limit or reduce inflammation or irritation.  We selected 100% "raw" or "naked" herbal, botanical and fruit extracts in their natural form, not watered down extracts that have a 4:1 ratio, (although some may argue that ratio is just fine, but it's not good enough for us)! 

By the way, most of the extracts, if not in "raw" form, are made with preservatives like parabens, but you wouldn't necessarily know that unless the skin care company disclosed that information.  Sadly, most skin care companies are not aware of how the ingredeints are made unless they personally spend time in the lab, researching the production of every single ingredient that they put in their products!  You see, most skin care companies contract with a lab to "tweak" already existing products that the lab might offer. (private label)  The skin care companies trust that the lab uses good ingredients. 

Based on my personal experience, if you are not on top of how the lab is manufacturing your products, they will put any commonly used (not necessarily good) ingredients in the product just to fill the gaps. 

Thankfully, I have personally spent an incredible amount of time in the lab, researching every single ingredient, learning how it's made, where it is derived from and then and only then made an educated decision whether or not to include it in our products.  The lab was sick of seeing me on a daily basis, but rest assured we have, in my opinion, the most responsible and effective skin care product on the market today!

Our products don't smell like a rose garden nor do they look like vanilla or strawberry cream pie.  Superficial colors and textures are so yesterday.  Today, it's all about "raw" skin care products that can effectively communicate with the skin's cell receptors.  Just as important, we've carefully selected ingredients that are bio-identical to the chemicals that your body naturally produces. The result: beautiful, reconditioned skin.

The purest form of natural, chirally-correct skin care ingredients without the use of fillers, fragrances and parabens, ensures that you will be feeding your skin the best holistic cocktail without compromising the skin's health.



Get naked with your skin care.

I confess...I'm a junkie!